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Dave Swarbrick Biography

At long last, Swarb has decided to commission his long- and eagerly-awaited biography.

He has given the very considerable but thrilling task to Jill, his partner and confidante. Jill has already written the near-complete history of her decade with Swarb so far, which records first-hand his Daily Telegraph obituary episode, the emphysemic years and bi-lateral lung transplant, their life together and numerous enthralling anecdotes. The Biography will be the 'warts and all' life story of the fiddle maestro.

This is a massive task encompassing over sixty years, and so this is a request to everyone and anyone who has any information, memories, anecdotes, photographs, films, rare facts, scandals, nice stuff... in fact anything you would like to have added to the Dave Swarbrick Biography. Jill would be immensely grateful to receive it, however trivial (or dodgy) you may think!

Please do not forget to add your name, address and contact number or email address.

Please send via the contact address on this page.

In great anticipation and heartfelt thanks,

Jill Swarbrick-Banks' webmaster

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