Jill Swarbrick-Banks

Date of birth: 15th August 1959

New Studio as of 1st July 2007: 90 Floodgate Street, Birmingham, situated in the famous East Side of the City, close to 'The Custard Factory'.



City and East London College, London: B/Tec National Diploma in Art & Design.


1988: emigrated to the Netherlands.

Academie Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands: Diploma (Dutch equivalent to British B.A. Degree)



Several exhibitions all over the Netherlands, including:

  • Groningen: Galerie Pictura (1 * solo, 1 * group)
  • Groningen: Galerie De Permenente (group)
  • Groningen: Open Studio Route (1993, 1995)
  • Vlissingen: Galerie D'Dayer (group)
  • Castricum: Galerie Nu (group)
  • Delft (solo)

Most of my work from the 1990s in private collections throughout the Netherlands.

1998: repatriated to England.


  • Gallery 'The Green Man', Eastbourne (solo)


  • The Tower Arts Centre, Winchester (solo)


  • The Tower Arts Centre, Winchester (solo)
  • n.a.m.e. Arts Fair, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire

Most of my work from '98 up until present day in private collections in Britain.

CD covers

  • 'Spirit of Loegres' for The Tannahill Weavers' CD "Epona"
  • 'Strata' for Beryl Marriott and Richard Greene's CD: "Hands Across The Pond"
  • 'Rosella Red' for Chris While's CD of the same name (2007)

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